Gearhead Motorcycle Cleaner & Degreaser for Drivechains and Engine Parts (16oz)

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Gearhead cleans dust, dirt, sand, and grit out from chains and sprockets before it wears down drive chains.

Use This To: 

  • Clean dust, dirt, sand, and grit out from chains and sprockets
  • Break down encrusted deposits and buildup
  • Remove old grease and oil
  • Save chains from excess wear and tear
  • Clean spilled oil, grease, fluids, and splatter from riding through messy puddles


Gentle On Motorcycles And The Enviroment

Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser is acid-free, pH-balanced, and formulated to be safe for use around other motorcycle parts and the environment. It dissolves abrasive filth and grime before it can contribute to premature wear and tear on drive chains, sprockets, bearings, and other moving drivetrain parts. Gear Head cleans thick mud, muck, and oily messes from engine parts, fenders, forks, and fairings splashed up from filthy puddles.


Powerful Chain Cleaner And Degreaser

Gearhead is tough on grease, oil, grit, and grime. Simply spray Gearhead directly into motorcycle drive chains and onto gear sprockets to break down and remove stuck filth and abrasive grit that damage and wear chains over time. For intense stuck-on contamination, agitate filth with a stiff chain brush and purge any loosened debris with another spray of Gearhead Cleaner.

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